Sounds: Zack Brooks // Horse Pizza

Berkeley-based multi-instrumentalist Zack Brooks moved from Michigan to California when he was five, already studying the works of J Dilla and Modest Mouse as his interest for music started to grow and passion turned to flame. Zack’s recently-released single, “Horse Pizza,” sounds just like Ben Folds singing over lo-fi study beats about pineapple on pizza with a tinge of melancholia and homesickness. Lo-fi hip-hop has a special place in my heart, pairing as a perfect side dish for driving or decompressing.

“In this pipeline, it all goes the same now

Compasses get lost on the way down

Pineapple and pizza in the same town

Two horses, a slice is the way out.”

This song makes you hungry for more bass and drums at a slow pace, creating space with a pretty little number on the piano that feels like a two-minute nostalgia for a time you never knew. The word is anemonia, for my logophiles out there.

Zach started producing his own songs in college, each one resonating with you by the first verse.

“When I started making music,” he said, “I wanted to find a nice marriage between the gritty rawness of sampled hip hop beats and the instrumentality of early indie rock music.”

You can get yourself a slice of Zach Brooks below:

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