Sounds: Dirty Dirty // Emotional Whatever Things

I’ll be honest: whenever I see a band mention that they’re inspired by Queens of the Stone Age, Jack White, and The Dead Weather, I’m automatically in. Nothing else really matters…as long as they can back it up.

Luckily, Seattle, Washington’s Dirty Dirty can, and they prove it for just under two minutes with their newest track, “Emotional Whatever Things.”

“Emotional Whatever Things” comes from feeling the threat of being consumed by a feeling —the kind of feeling that grows when it’s neglected. What a better way to show that then to get our wacky friends to run up a flight of stairs and scream in our face. It’s probably a cry for help in a barely symbolic way.”

It’s heavy, dirty, raw, and rocking, and performed by just two people. Yeah, you read that right; Dirty Dirty is a duo, known for having the loudest rhythm section in Seattle (a statement we definitely agree with). The listening experience is visceral and furious; I felt like I was being propelled forward with every crash of the cymbals, thundering kick of the drums, and scathing guitar riffs.

If Left Bank had a rating, Dirty Dirty would get five stars. So good.

Stream “Emotional Whatever Things” here:

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