Sounds: Skeleton Skies // Aisles

Berlin’s Skeleton Skies, the initial solo project of singer and multi-instrumentalist Jorma Ruben that has now turned into a 4-piece band, caught me hook, line, and sinker with their newest release, “Aisles.” A playful, indie rock track blending sounds from the New Romantics and post-punk eras, “Aisles” bounces with an upbeat rhythm.

“”Aisles” is a song about knowing and seeing more, yet understanding less,” Ruben says of the song. “About the sentiment of finding ourselves in an age of endless choice, providing us with endless cluelessness.” 

Inspired by Adam Curtis’ HyperNormalisation, studies on irrationality by Dan Ariely, and the daily craze of 2018, “Aisles” wraps all of that and more in an upbeat, indie track. Stream it here:

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