Sounds x Premiere: John War // Track #4

Los-Angeles-by-San-Diego’s producer and singer-songwriter John War blends lush, emotive lyricism with throbbing beats and explosive musical lifts in “Track #4.” The electronic indie-rock single, incorporating elements of prog-rock, electronica, and hip-hop, is an immersive listen, taking listeners on a thrill ride from start to finish.

“Out of all the rock songs I’ve made, Track #4 could be my favorite, but it’s a weird one for me. Writing it felt like a huge release—it was like an emotion bomb—and it flowed out of me in a half hour, but all the parts took me months to mix.”

“Track #4” is the one song War considers to be most personal. “It’s turned out to be the one track of mine my friends have pressured me to put out most,” he adds. “Music’s weird like that.”

Dive deep and stream “Track #4” here:

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