Sounds: Danseur // Amnesiac

LA-based collective Danseur have released their first track, “Amnesiac,” a stylish and low-key pop song with dance music aspirations. The lovesick vocals tiptoe nicely with rapid pop hooks that transform into long hushing notes, feeling like pleasant brushstrokes across your ear.

“Amnesiac” has a subtle, swaying drum, which along with some classic dance-snaps, will force your ass to sway in the most sensual manner you can physically perform. The dark and sultry atmosphere of the song crafts an inspired and crisp sonic landscape that is warm and hypnotic. The swelling synth tones are icy, rhythmic and balanced, like the quiet guitar riffs that stand on the outer rim of “Amnesiac’s”  tight production. Listen when you are dancing alone and wishing someone was there with you.

Do that here:

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