Sounds: Illiterate Light // Two Cats

Virginia duo, Illiterate Light, have unleashed their new song, “Two Cats,” off their freshly released debut EP, Sweet Beast, alongside a sweet little Super 8-powered music video.  Like its visual counterpart, the song is a good kind of simple, stripped down, with a lo-fi passion that supersedes its shoestring aesthetic.

Guitarist Jeff Gorman’s high register vocals glide sweetly above the heavy mid-range of the instrumentals, creating a great juxtaposition of punk energy and light-hearted pop styling. The production has a unique sort of reverb that gives it a classic lo-fi body but with a twinge of psych atmospherics. The guitar tones are blunt and chunky, which dance just right with the syncopated punk drums of Jake Cochran.

“Two Cats” strikes an excellent sonic balance of a high-skill production, while still maintaining the aesthetic character of a lo-fi band. The great melodic pop vocals and subtle psychedelic guitar riffs make this a really fun tune.

Look and listen below:

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