Sounds: Ambein Sloth // So Long Ago

“So Long Ago” is not a song about regretting who you were during a relationship, or about being caught up in past love, desperately craving a return, and pulling increasingly humiliating stunts to get your girlfriend back. Rather, it is the soundtrack for someone living a normal life after their partner has gone another direction, a tune born from strange feelings about a hallow lack of remorse and assorted household mementos sparking indifferent memories.

Chicago-based producer Spinmont has a smoky, raw, open voice; he never tries to sound pretty. That’s his appeal: he owns himself. The song is a welcome dose of gorgeous pop punk, an underappreciated and happy genre with the optimism and lethargy necessary to convey any juvenile turbulence someone goes through before 30. There is such an IDGAF charm to the song, the guitar sounds like the last rays of the setting sun reflecting off of puddles of mud.

Ambien Sloth is a joint production of Spinmont and cartoonist Mike Seskauskas. Together, they created the character of Ambein Sloth, a degenerate, aggressive, cross-dressing sloth who would never be able to crawl out of the scene of his crime fast enough to escape the hard dick of the law. Not that he’d care.

Listen to the track below with no regrets or Ambein Sloth will slowly find you and give you a piece of his mind.