Sounds: Dead End Career Club // Holy Grail

Dead End Career Club is one man’s attempt to carve out a nook away from society where he can cultivate the weeds in his garden and invite strangers in to become friends. Though Ryan Kennedy is a musician, boiling the high fashion Canadian with the calm, collected, unperturbable energy, calling him simply a guy who plays chords would an incredible understatement. DECC has a clothing line which blends together observational humor and sharp taste to make something I would actually wear. He has hours of black and white interviews with musicians across America. Often times the only thing as loud as DECC’s quiet energy is the clinking of his excessive jewelry.

Calling “Holy Grail” a song sets one’s expectations in the wrong directiont. It’s an autotuned, poetic howl of dissatisfaction over a frozen Martian soundscape. It’s the hypnotic ranting of a man with too much to say about nothing and only a cold half mattress where once attentive ears listened, tuning out more and more every day. The Holy Grail of home and a marriage is a cup as empty as the alien world Dead End Career Club finds at the end of the day. As he says repeatedly, “Life’s not over / It’s a fucked up place to be.” Ryan Kennedy’s poetry is so haunting it will possess you”

“We’ll tell the kids

They wont grow up alone

They are the flesh of us

The unbroken bones

We can be through them

What we never trust

In the worst of it

Between the two of us”

Open up your mind and leave convention at the door.

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