Sounds: The Day // We Killed Our Hearts

“We Killed Our Hearts” is a painting, each note is a thick brush stroke gently laid on a canvas. The color blends together, bright and bold and floral, but beneath the vivid landscape is a serious subject matter. The pretty colors only serve to distract us from the bleeding heart beating deep within the ethereal art.

“We got lost in time

Suddenly We Killed

We Have Killed Our Hearts”

The Day have perfected obscuring dark shoegaze sensibilities underneath a dream pop veneer. The Dutch German duo have crafted a flawless piece of music with true duality, “We Killed Our Hearts” delicate beauty is jarring against a core theme of loss and defeat. The guitar bursts like brilliant fireworks, a vibrant flash of color against a night sky that is even blacker once the color fades. Laura Loeter’s voice is delicate and flowery, high and rapturous like a pure soul rising to heaven. Gregor Sonnenberg’s soloing feels like running through a field of Dutch tulips, a perfect escape on a sunny day. There is a real backbone to the song, even though its tone is so light and airy, that keeps a listener grounded in reality.

“We Killed Our Hearts” is the lead single off The Day’s new EP Midnight Parade. It captures the spirit of the whole album.

I love it. I think you will too.

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