Sounds: The Gem Show // Trouble

The Tuscon boys known as The Gem Show have made the self-described genre “Slob Rock” something whimsical, honing in on their experimental indie punk sound with their hit, “Trouble,” off their upcoming record Meet Yourself, set to release Jan. 31, 2019.

Recorded at the Waterworks Studios in the foothills of Catalina outside Phoenix – the same studios that recorded a few early Sonic Youth singles back in 1991 – drummer Johnny Schier definitively puts his foot on the gas, driving bandmates Bobby “On Time” Carlson (bass) and Dirk Wednesday (guitar and vocals) forward with gypsy jazz rhythms that catch the average listener off-guard, or “set [their] teeth on edge,” at the end of the first chorus.

“It wakes me up, and it shakes me up, and it hurts my head

And it sets my teeth on edge”

For fans of the Sonic Youth, the Buzzcocks and Joy Division, you may dig the attitudes of The Gem Show. Give them a listen right here:

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