Sounds x Review: It’s For Us // Stay

Swedish post-punk darlings It’s For Us just released their latest album, Stay, and we love it. It’s heavy and driving and visceral, a mental and emotional battle captured in eleven tracks.

Written mostly by bassist and vocalist Camilla Karlsson and guitarist Jon Gredmark in Camilla’s living room, Stay is the result of a personal crisis, culminating in the pounding drum and bass lines and Camilla’s emotive, powerful vocals.

“When I started writing the lyrics to this album, I found myself in crisis,” Camilla says. “I had a destructive relationship where I suddenly discovered that I became co-dependent despite being educated and working with exactly those questions and addiction. I was 30 years old and just learned that my mother was dying of cancer. Making music and writing has always been a need and this became even more important during this period.”

Best of all? I hear a little touch of Blondie in this band, and I love it. Stream Stay here:

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