Sounds: Bush PPL // Consciousness

There is an intimate connection between music and writing. Okay, maybe I am saying this because I’m both a writer and a musician. But the fact is music and writing are perfect avenues for creating art. Also, they can be merged together magically.

Although I have been writing lyrics, short stories, and poems for many years, I didn’t start recording music until 2015 when I formed a Hip Hop group called Bush PPL with my brother. In September 2018, we released our first-ever project called Bush Road.

“Consciousness” is one of my favorite songs on Bush Road. We discussed the idea for several months before we created the track.

The song was inspired by the chaos we see around us. We sought to highlight the fact that we live in a world where people follow in a zombie-like state without much critical thinking or confidence. This was the idea behind the chorus.

“Consciousness don decay

That phrase means “consciousness has decayed” in proper English. I know that is a serious statement to make. But Bush PPL is not in the business of sensationalism. We genuinely believe this is a proper reflection of our society today and we stand by those words.

The theme of Bush Road is breaking away from the norm and creating a new path, so “Consciousness” fits in perfectly with the other tracks.

In “Consciousness,” we talk about politics, religion, the corporate world, and the quest to find yourself.

“Waka if you dey find the way,
Follow the crowd and just go straight,
Or find your path and go astray”

“So we suit and tie it up,
9 to 5 we dey live am,
Foreign God dey believe am,
Foreign aid dey wait for am,
Na foreign name na im you get am”

We also threw in bits of sarcasm like:

“These traps dey like the tele,
I see that movie already”

Consciousness is a mellow track. Our production team decided to give it a laid-back feel to complement the thought-provoking lyrics. Oh, and the guitar tunes are on-point!

Check out Consciousness below. Bush Road is a free project. You can stream it here:

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