Words x Sounds: On The Road with Sharkmuffin

Well, guys, it’s our last week with the amazing Sharkmuffin. After a month of tour ghosts, pasta, incredible views, and stolen cellphones, we’re winding down our time with them (and getting ready to welcome the incredible Weeknight next week!). In the meantime, read on for two weeks’ worth of antics.




Tarra // Guitar + Vox

The two days and nights before left for this tour my boyfriend and I binge-watched all the Alien movies and I had no idea that we would be playing a show in Switzerland right by the H.R. Giger museum! The view from the museum was just as beautiful as the aliens (and we caught a photo of that little green orb following us again).

We had a few short drives on our third week of tour, giving us time to have a day at some hot springs in Switzerland thanks to Amy Dickman, one half of Little Dickman Records, who came to meet us in Olten, also having a gourmet Swiss McDonald’s meal. My first job was at a McDonald’s in NJ when I was 14, and it’s funny seeing the differences in the McDonald’s around the world. The Swiss McDonald’s had table service, a quinoa burger, and was crazy expensive. They even charged for ketchup!


Our last show in Switzerland was in Zurich with a Finnish band called The Van Dammes. Natalie drew this amazing picture of our tour party in the green room.
The giant church with great view of all of Paris I wandered into before shit went down
We ran into some bad tour luck in Paris. Our show at L’International was canceled due to show spaces in basements all around France being shut down, but we decided to spend the day there any way (it was our only day off out of the 25-day tour). Natalie, Jordyn and our tour manager went to the Catacombs in the morning, but 10 minutes before we were about to leave Paris, Natalie’s phone was stolen by a pickpocketer when she was at a pharmacy. She had so many cool photos that we hope she can recover from her iCloud when we get back home!!
We drove through the Alps back to Italy for our final 3 Italy shows!
On our second to last day, we saw a real castle with a mote in Sirmione!
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