Sounds x Playlist: KOMRAUS // Yes-To-Day

In anticipation of our London show tonight, we asked KOMRAUS to put together a little playlist because, why not? Read what the band put together below, and if you’re in London come hang out with us in Hackney at The Glove That Fits — show starts at 9 p.m. xx

This is a playlist based on yesterday’s and today’s inspiring songs for us. All these songs are a “Yes!,” a note of positivity, of we can do it: an inspiration. We chose artists that are different stages of their careers, as well as different ages, because you can always get inspiration from all kinds of artists and people. The basic point for us is to first enjoy the tune and then feel how this resonates with what we are expressing at that moment.

Massive Attack // “Angel”

A massive inspiration on the drums, atmospheric pads, and the whole vibe of this amazing beast of the trip-hop.

Aurora // “Animal”
This new track has the intimate vibe in the verses and a very catchy chorus that we love and that brings you through all sorts of emotions. Love the work that Aurora always brings.

Lana Del Rey // “Born to Die” 

This is a very special track that inaugurates the remarkable career of Lana. The strings here are stunning, as well as her performance, the whole production, and new style brought in.

Bjork // “Joga”

This is one of the biggest inspirations for our music. The lyrics, the vibe, instrumental (the strings especially), and performance within are a basic for us.

Lorde // “Royals”
Her vocals and the simple, looked-after, and delicate production of this song by Lorde are a great example of inspiration.

Portishead // “Roads”

This is one of the tracks we could all listen to once and again and again. The song, lyrics, and especially performance of all instruments, including vocals, is one of the best of all times for us.

Sia // “Bird Set Free” 

Beautiful lyrics that match our core values. Her expressive and torn vocals express every single word they say.

Owlle // “In The Dark”
We found this new Owlle’s work melancholic, catchy, and very stylish. We know her personally and love the way she drives herself artistically.

David August // “Florence”

We recently discovered this great German artist, and he is someone who we admire and feel has some similarities with our work, this beautiful instrumental song especially. Coincidentally, the first two notes are the first two notes of our song “If I Am Dreaming” LOL!

Billie Eilish // “You Should See Me In A Crown”

This new young artist is a huge talent musically and artistically. Her vocals transmit more in one sentence than many other singers in a whole song. The production is also very cool. Feels good to get inspiration from the youngest.

Gay Sigsworth // “Prayer Wheels” 
Saw him playing in Barcelona with Imogen Heap and fell in love with the universes he creates. This is a good example of that. Again, inspiring.
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