Sounds: Camarano // When I Had Infinity

Perth, Australia’s singer-songwriter-producer Camarano has an incredible ability to bend the lines between genres and mesmerize listeners whiled doing so. His latest release, “When I Had Infinity,” is a mellow, groovy testament to this.

“I’m drawn to make things,” he says of the song. “Some days I have the confidence of Lord Farquaad, others I feel like an A grade dropkick. That voice of resistance, inner critic – whatever you want to call it – is brutal, deafeningly loud and a downright jerk. Flip it the bird and make art anyway.”

“Take this as a sign / Time was on my side / When I had infinity / Time was by my side / Now it is ahead of me,” Camarano sings, echoing the nostalgia that so many twenty-somethings feel, vaguely unsettled and unsure about the future, but determined to blaze their own path. It’s familiar and brand new, all at once.

Stream “When I Had Infinity” here:

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