Sounds: Coffin // Kill Yourself Or Die Trying

“Kill Yourself or Die” trying is the perfect song for a head-banging road trip with all of your old high school buddies. The song is a sonic journey through dead space and the history of heavy music. It segues genres from section to section, going from light and minimal to rolling and heavy, through stoner rock to old school Sabbath-era metal. culminating in dynamite punk rock. What a flowing and impressive feat. This is all accomplished with a youthful and reckless attitude which borders on total sexual abandon by the climax of the song. The guitar howls, the pick conjuring a pack of wolves, and the drums are the endless footsteps of the hunted.

Hailing from Ventura, California three-piece Coffin has nailed down the vibe of disaffected Satanists. They are a far cry from the Norwegian black metal bands who once burned churches. Coffin is a far more relatable sort of devil worship, the sonic equivalent of your friend giving you a drunken stick-n-poke of a pentagram. That’s a good thing; I can’t stand black metal but I found myself headbanging along to Coffin’s sick and surprising progressions.

Here, stick the needle in and have a taste.