Sounds: FEET // English Weather

Making music in a real barn for six weeks naturally captures a certain essence of an organic feeling in indie sounds, and this is especially the case for Coventry based FEET and their latest banger, “English Weather.” Since this was written in their summer of making music in a Bedfordshire barn, their Barn Session tracks will forever hark to sunny July days of drinking cans and soaking up rays.

In the usual mild winter the UK always experiences, hearing a track like “English Weather” evokes a longing to finally ride out the cold and damp winters into a deep sunset of warm glows and hazy summer fervor. FEET gets the vibe completely with this groovy danceable track and sing out to the vagrancy of mid-year freedoms with crisp clarity and lovable lalala’s to last for the long familiar dog days.

This one’s for the indie-punk summer daydreamers, the playlist makers in four months’ time, and everyone else in between. Give it a listen down below:

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