Sounds: LegPuppy // She’s Lost Her Soul – Grade II

The dark vibes coming from LegPuppy are an alluring sound, setting themselves in a gothic darkwave atmosphere with an addictive synth beat. The enigmatic South London based band are perpetuating their gritty dark wave sound with their newest track “She’s Lost Her Soul – Grade II.”

The basis of LegPuppy’s intense sound comes through via societal commentary, cutting a deep gash into the state of the independent live music scene, and for good reason. The UK has seen an epidemic of local music venues being shut down at the hands of land developers. LegPuppy are voicing the discontent of the artists and music lovers alike to the chant of “She’s lost her soul.” In the almost unsettling enunciated yet aptly soulless portrayal of the chant, LegPuppy display their message in a black-and-white, no-frills style of matter of fact realism. This is dark, haunting, and fascinatingly entrancing.

Check it out down below, and love independent:

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