Sounds: Pretty Vicious // These Four Walls

High-energy Pretty Vicious are out with their latest video for the track, “These Four Walls,” and it needs to be heard. The four-member Merthyr-based band have exploded onto the music scene with a Welsh valley flair and some evident turbulence. This clearly resonates with their irreverent style in the form of a strong, gritty sound and an ear-catching chorus.

“These four walls and the crowds overheating
Loose supports and a crack in the ceiling
Make it fall and redecorate yourself
Make it fall and then grovel with the rest.”

A 90s grungy vibe comes through in the track at a high octane sound as the lyrics are howled as a voice for the millennial punk. This anthemic punk banger beats to an almost groovy drum, setting a multi-layered sound that makes you just want to spill your beer and give no shits for anything for just under four minutes.

Crack open a tinnie and give this one a listen down below:

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