Sounds: Slagheap// Horsey Girl

Horse girls. We’ve all experienced them at some point in our lives. You may have inadvertently matched one on tinder, known one at school, or – better yet – you were one yourself. Even better yet, you still are. Whatever the case, let’s appreciate Slagheap for their insight on this fascinating subculture.

The Bristol-based band has been gracing Bristol and beyond with their irreverent DIY post-punk music and are out with their latest track, “Horsey Girl.” Self-titling themselves melodic, naïve, and raucous, these “four women in their pants” like to keep it both real and unreal at the same time.

The track’s high tempo and energetic vocals are backed by haywire strums, all with a heavy DIY vibe. The shouty vocals speaking the topics of horse girls just adds to the chaotic yet endearing supercharged sonic experience. It’s charming, fun, and very horsey.

Give it a listen down below:

Horsey Girl by Slagheap


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