Sounds: HYPO // Child

“Child” by HYPO is a groovy jam fusing elements of folk music and EDM. The song takes you on a journey. It starts out with a beautiful acoustic guitar and xylophone tune, then it slowly picks up. At about 54 seconds in, you’d swear that it is a different song as the melody changes and the EDM beat dominates. When the clock hits 1:36, the melody switches again, and HYPO’s voice comes in.

HYPO, 17, who is based in Brussels, has only been making music for three years. However, his musicality is quite impressive. “Child” has very little lyrics, but that doesn’t take anything from it. This is a lovely song. It is simple and incredibly catchy, but the video of this track tells a dark story. It depicts an alcoholic and abusive father as well as the death of a child.

The artist behind the song, Maxandre d’Oultremont, who goes by the stage name HYPO, explained why the video represents a starkly different vibe from the song. According to him, the intention was to show that a happy voice can be a call for help; that a seemingly innocent song could be hiding something unhealthy.

Overall, “Child” is a song that would easily have you tapping your feet and snapping your fingers. If you are in the mood for a smooth, rhythmic tune, this is the jam for you.

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