Sounds: Octavio Mai // Yeux Turquoise

French duo Octavio Mai deliver a sleek neo-noir mystery with “Yeux Turquoise,” or “Turquoise Eyes” for those who do not speak French. The driving force behind Octavio Mai is taking the classic using it as a seeing glass into the future. Both stellar musicians, Julliete and Johan, are classically trained, and this mastery of music fuses into every tone.

There’s such a rich lushness to every note that the “Yeux Turquoise” makes you feel hyperreal. The guitar is seductive, but the sweeping synthesizers are intoxicating and draw you deep into the grasp of the music. “Yuex Turquoise” feels like a living creature, full of mysterious and surprises; it constantly grows and layers until you find yourself buried in “l’extase.”

The accompanying music video is high concept with gorgeous cinematography that will leave you breathless. It is the strange romance between Julliete and her lover, a creature born of black with turquoise eyes. There are underwater shots and beautiful segues and motifs of jellyfish and eyes and motorcycles. I walk away feeling confused and nourished.

Dive in below.

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