Sounds: Our Fastest Typist // Slow Down

Our Fastest Typist is an American instrumentalist with self-deprecating style and attention to his lo-fi craft that creates the illusion any one of your friends could make good music as good as his. There’s not a chance in hell; his track “Slow Down” off the album Things Aren’t Changing, We Are is the holy grail of lo-fi bedroom producers. From the second the drums kick in, you know you’re listening to something special. In fact the drums are consistently kicking ass throughout “Slow Down.” The guitar is seraphic, droning slices of celestial light.

“Slow Down” is self-aware. The intentionally shitty but actually perfectionist engineering is punctuated by commented like “I don’t have time to write a new song, so here’s a bad guitar solo, with some shitty lyrics,” or “Slow down…this isn’t even slowing down, it’s just the same thing in half time.” You can tell Our Fastest Typist’s heart is bleeding into the song. It is an insomnia-inspired processing of the worries haranguing his head.

You wide awake? Fill your head with “Slow Down.”

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