Seen: Losing is Winning

I found this dude’s artwork on Instagram and instantly fell in love with it. He calls himself Loser, but to me, his art is definitely winning. His real name is Zac Hoffman, and his art is twisted, funny, and vibrant. In a swarm of other artists who are trying to be like someone else, his style is instantly recognizable. I wanted to crack his brain open and see what slithered out. Here we go!
We are always told that winning is everything, but can you enjoy life while being a loser?
Good morning internet. Good luck today. Not too keen on wearing a suit in traffic, or boxer briefs, or shoes. Winning usually means that people are trying too hard. It is hard to remember that we are only on this planet for a short time. When I see people trying too hard and wearing suits in nice cars, it drives me to react in an opposite way. I don’t want to be the sweaty guy at the gym listening to rap music, or the old rich lady with fancy clothes. I tend to be drawn to things that look and feel like they are effortless. For example, when I see someone driving a Tesla drinking a kale smoothie, I wanna listen to Devo and throw stuff.
Do you contemplate death a lot? Is that why you paint in small coffins?
Death is rad. We’re lucky we get the chance. Death is the only thing we know is certain in life, but nobody likes to talk about it. I think the more you understand that death is all we know for certain, the more you will appreciate the seconds you have on the earth. The coffins I make are examples of those who are happy in their grave because they chose to enjoy their lives and understood the fact that it is temporary, so we should have fun while we can.
Squidbillies or not Squidbillies, that is the question?
That’s what she said
Did you go to art school, or just drop a lot of acid?
My ma was a painter, so I grew up painting a lot. I was in art classes my whole life until I reached college, where I studied finance. My dad wanted me to have a degree that would make money and decided art was not for me; therefore, I graduated with a finance degree that is worthless, and now all I do is paint.
You are currently at The Art Cave in Santa Cruz until the end of this month. What is The Art Cave? Is an actual cave with stalactites? Do you have to paint like caveman on the wall? 
The Art Cave is a small gallery in Santa Cruz, CA. It was founded by two artists, Dana Peters and Leigh Erickson. My work is up until the end of the month, part of a group show titled “Contemporary Artifacts.” The idea behind this exhibition is to create an environment that future generations would look back on to understand life in 2018. The gallery owners are the raddest and I highly suggest stopping by.
Zac Hoffman is a mystery. It was difficult finding any information on this guy. Do you know anything about him? Where did he grow up? 
Yeah, I am a human. I’ve been here on Earth for over 27 years. Not too keen on the modern obsession with putting their lunch on the internet. For detailed photos of me eating quinoa, follow the link below. I think there is enough of that in this world already, so I will try not to add that problem. I am from San Clemente, California, and currently live and work in Venice, California. I like the ocean and reptiles.
Future plans and/or any collaborations in the works?
I am psyched for the future. Happy we made it this far. I started a collective and curating group by the name of Shit Art Club. We represent artists and put together events, including Shit Art Shows, where we try to challenge the modern art show. Instead of turtlenecks and finger sandwiches, we focus on rock ‘n roll and debauchery. Each event includes five to seven artists, as well as an interactive exhibit where the viewer has an opportunity to paint. I attached some videos of past events, and we are planning a Shit Art Show #3 at the end of March in Chinatown, Los Angeles.
Is your artwork considered low-brow, and, if so, what the hell does that mean? 
I don’t know what low-brow means. And I am not sure how to label my artwork. I enjoy art because it does not make sense and I believe that Earth does not make sense. The fact that anyone woke up breathing and walking around eating cheeseburgers is a miracle that gets overlooked every day. In my work, I try to remind people that life is strange and misunderstood, hopefully teaching someone that we are very lucky to be here.
Grapefruit Seminar??!!
Grapefruit Seminar is the name of my Iguana.
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