Sounds x Review: FUR // Him and Her

FUR, a four-piece alt-indie band based in Brighton, UK, are inspired by themes of romance and heartbreak. This is beautifully resonated through their 50s sound, and their individual “dreamy pop” feel. The thematic thread of love and pining radiates within their latest track, “Him and Her.”

With vocalist Murray lamenting about the trials and tribulations of love, the heartfelt tone will have you passionately singing along with the pedaling “oohs” of the backing vocals. The richness of the vintage guitar leads the track to feel softly sentimental, indulging in all the romantic daydreaming a heart could desire. There is already hype around FUR and they have numerous UK gig dates under their belts. With the release of Him and Her, it isn’t surprising that those dates just keep on coming. A must-listen release!

Watch here:


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