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Richmond, Virignia–based musician Jordan Scott writes and performs music under the moniker of none other than “Moniker.”  Blending noise and indie rock into a mixture of what “Where The Music Meets” calls the lovechild of Courtney Barnett and The National, Moniker released their latest single, “Tidal Wave,” last week via Good Eye Records.  Having just returned from a Southern US tour, and gearing up for the release of their EP, Private Prophet, on March 1st, Jordan took the time to sit down with us over at Left Bank Magazine and answer a few of our burning questions:

Your single, “Tidal Wave,” off your upcoming EP, Private Prophet, was just released last week. Great song, by the way! What was the recording process like?

I produced it, it was actually recorded at home—I’ve made a few albums like that and felt like I had learned enough to get it to sound the way it does in my head. That said, the next one will probably be made in a studio though, just so I don’t spend months going crazy trying to figure every single detail of the mixing process lol.

What inspired you to write “Tidal Wave?”

I got the idea for Tidal Wave in 2016 when I woke up with the melody and first phrase completely formed in my head.  I recorded it, put it on the back burner for a couple years, and when it felt time to come back to it, it sounded like a little boomer voice in the back of my head getting angry with me, so I ran with that as the theme for the song.

How did the actual band of Moniker form?

Moniker started in 2015 as an outlet for songs I was writing. It’s had a few lineups in different cities, some of which have combined, actually; for instance, we just did a tour with myself, current bassist Ro-Derrick Branch, and original drummer Matt Shuham.

You moved from NYC to Richmond, Virginia. What’s the Richmond music scene like? Are you originally from Richmond?

Richmond is great.  It’s a good mix of large and small, in that it has a lot of the resources of a larger city but the community of a smaller one. I didn’t grow up here, but I was born in the city and lived nearby for most of my life, so when I moved here in 2017, it felt familiar.  It’s been an easy place to meet people and make music.

If you could open for any band/artist (dead or alive) who would it be?

I’d say Willie Nelson. I feel like that would be pretty different from anyone else’s show, as an opener, and maybe, if we were lucky, he’d guest for some weird duets.

That would be an awesome duet! What is your favorite decade for both music and style?

80s for music, 2000s for fashion.  I like it when you look back on a period and see that everyone was clearly on another plane of existence at the time. They (we) had all ascended without knowing it.

Totally! Do you have tours coming up in support of your upcoming EP Private Prophet? 

We’ll support it with shows on the east coast and hopefully a tour in summer. Putting out another single from it next week so keep an eye/ear out.

Final burning question: if Moniker were any animal, what would it be?                

A water bear!  They’re different and they stick around, what more could a band aspire to?

Thanks, Jordan! Looking forward to hearing more released tracks off your upcoming EP, Private Prophet! Check out the single, “Tidal Wave,” below:

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