Sounds x Playlist: avec amour de moi à toi

Happy Valentine’s Day!

The holiday is upon us, regardless of your feelings. Some of you may hate it, some of you may love it, and some of you may consider it a pleasant experience, but nothing that you and your partner don’t share on a daily basis. No matter where you fall in the V-Day argument, we’ve got a little something everyone can agree on: French love songs.

Seriously, is there anything more romantic than Serge Gainsbourg crooning in French? We don’t think so, so we put together A Very Left Bank Valentine’s Playlist. Enjoy, loves.

Serge Gainsbourg // Je t’aime moi non plus

Serge AND Jane? Count us in.

Francoise Hardy // Comment te dire adieu

Francoise Hardy is the ultimate in Parisian chic, and we can say the same about “Comment te dire adiue.”

Brigitte Bardot // Moi je joue

This song is as charming, sunny, and effortlessly sensual as the singer herself.

Gillian Hills // Avec toi

Love 60s pop and the Stax sound? Check out “Avec toi” by Gillian Hills; it’s all that, plus French.

Louis Armstrong // La Vie En Rose

Okay, I’ll admit: Louis Armstrong isn’t French, and the song is in English, but you know what? “La Vie En Rose” is Paris in a song to me, and you’ll never change my mind.

Wishing you a day full of love xx

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