Sounds: Kraftenzayin // Le Pays des Rêves est Là

“This song is about dreaming and feelings. The last feeling in a dream is always impressive.”

French indie-electronic artist Kraftenzayin’s “Le Pays des Rêves est Là” sounds like the kind of song you’d listen to on a dark, rainy night in Paris, sitting in the corner of a dive bar lit by a buzzing neon light. It’s subtle yet driving, propelled forward by a nonstop synth pad while ethereal vocals echo, almost too soft to really hear.

While never lifting into frantic energy, there’s a darkness to “Le Pays des Rêves est Là” that’s vaguely unsettling, in the shrill organ and the haunting, repetitive vocals.

Stream “Le Pays des Rêves est Là” here:

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