Words x Sounds: On The Road with Weeknight

It’s been one week since the last check-in with Weeknight, and, like Jasper says, we’re cutting the bullshit. Read on for the best drinks in every city they’ve played, more vegan road trip survival tips, life in hotels, and – surprisingly enough – cowboy boots.

Drinking with Jasper

As we’ve played a lot of shows since our last check-in, I’m cutting the bullshit. Here’s what to drink in each of these cities, according to me, a drinker.

Montreal: St-Ambroise Creme Ale is an absolute must. C’est un vrai boisson!

Toronto: Russell and I walked into what we thought was a bar, but actually a private motorcycle club, of which we were swiftly thrown out. Then we went to a Harry Potter themed bar because it was the closest thing we could find and it was more degrees below zero than anyone should ever have to live through. We had very good whiskey gingers. Tip: dash some bitters in that shit.

Hamilton: We played This Ain’t Hollywood, a badass bar in a chill town outside Toronto. All female bar staff and excellent vibes from all the bands. We crushed Molson Canadians all night. These are very good beers and a must-have north of the Wall.

Kalamazoo: K-Zoo! Home of Bell’s. We went to the brewery for beers and food. Twice.

Milwaukee: We played The Cactus Club, which fucking rules as a corner bar and venue space. What to drink in Milwaukee? New Glarus Spotted Pig. No argument.

Chicago: Old Style. Throw your crazy craft beers out the window and get down to business.

Cincinnati: We tried a decent amount of local beers from Cincy. No comment.

Columbus: Our venue offered a seriously eclectic beer menu, but we as a band opted to just do shots of Espolon all night. Some of us more than others. Hijinks ensued.

Holly’s Vegan Guide to Road Doggin’ Part 2: Things to Eat At the Service Plaza

  1. The healthy vegan combo platter: hummus snack pack and a banana. It gives you everything you need to make it through when you’re tempted to give up and eat KFC with your bandmates.
  2. Taco Bell 7 layer burrito minus 2 of the layers. Ok, fine, you got me, I’ve never tried this one. Though I’ve been told it’s pretty easy to eat vegan at Taco Bell, I’m still afraid of it.
  3. Fun chips: Canada has the best ones. My favorites were Ketchup and Dill Pickle.
  4. Clif Bars
  5. Starbucks oatmeal. Just to be clear, I would never ever eat or drink anything from Starbucks at home, ’cause I like to support local, but the  road is a very different beast. You can have it made with coconut milk and add blueberries for extra nutrition.


Russell on Hotels, Part 2

Staying in hotels every day gets pretty monotonous and repetitive, but it can be fun. They all blend together in my mind and sometimes I think the bathroom is in the closet and the elevator is the other way down the hall. I haven’t pissed in a closet yet, but there’s always tonight.


Andy Says…

I got some cool cowboy boots in Chicago. They are my new favorite shoes. They are comfortable. You don’t have to tie them(which is a huge bonus when you are a naturally late or lazy person). They look rad with anything although I must admit that I’ve been wearing the same clothes for about a week so I haven’t had much chance to experiment (for the record I have changed my socks and underoos every day).


Stream Weeknight’s latest EP, Dead Beat Creep, here, and check back next week for another installment of On The Road. 


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