Sounds: Laveda // Dream. Sleep.

Brooklyn via Albany, New York’s Laveda, the creative combination of Ali Genevich and Jake Brooks, just released their newest single, “Dream. Sleep.,” and I love it.

It’s not at all the mellow, mid-tempo dream pop track I expected. “Dream. Sleep.” is driving and euphoric, all blurring neon lights outside the window of a car late at night. It’s young and bold and almost frantic in energy, the heart and soul of a teenager trapped in suburbia and dreaming of escape from the mundane.

“The lyrics are describing the thoughts of someone who has a dream about being able to make a choice to leave our world and go to some alternate reality,” the band says of the song.” The second pre-chorus is where this character sort-of starts to wake up and realizes its not a dream, it’s real, and they are in fact somewhere else. Its about being trapped somewhere you feel like you don’t belong. I wanted to evoke feelings of intense excitement that later (in the end of the second pre-chorus) change to regret and doubt.”

Stream “Dream. Sleep.” here:

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