Sounds x Left Bank Events: Brooklyn Showcase // February 28, 2019

It’s that time of the month, and man, this one has been BUSY.

We started out in London, for our first international showcase, and we’re winding up the month back home in Brooklyn at Muchmore’s with some of our favorite bands: Nowhere, CUP, TRASH TV, and Darkwing.

We’re so psyched to get to hang with some of the coolest/most talented bands we know. If you wanna join us, click here to RSVP! If you’re undecided – or don’t live in Brooklyn –  check out the bands’ latest releases below + party with us without ever leaving your house (aka the best kind of party).

Nowhere // Live at The Nest

CUP // Jitter Visions

Trash TV // “Thin Wire”

Darkwing // DEM COLLEC


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