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Our featured band this week is the NY-based alt-rock/post-punk/pop power trio, New Myths, who are currently gearing up to hit the road on tour with The Joy Formidable in March. New Myths, made up of Rosie Slater on drums and vocals, Marina Ross on bass and vocals, and Brit Boras on guitar and vocals, self-identify as the angsty lovechild of The Spice Girls and The Police.

This week’s feature is a bit different because I (Brit) am the interviewer as well as a band member. I thought, rather than interview my bandmates – which might be a bit strange – I’d let YOU ask the questions. So we took to our Instagram (@newmyths) and asked our followers to ask us anything.  The responses we received ranged from the incredibly absurd to the more musically related and serious. Here are all of YOUR questions and our responses.

INSTAGRAM USER: What is the best song of all time?

 Rosie: Are you talking desert island song? That’s tough. I’m going with the B-Side of The Beatles’Abbey Road because tecccchhhnically it’s all one song.

Marina: At the mooooment, it’s a tie between the Lykke Li cover and the 1997 Fleetwood Mac live performance of “Silver Springs.” The live performance because Stevie Nicks is a freakin’ queen who just tears it up, and the Lykke Li cover ’cause it creeps into my soul.

Brit: “Sister Christian” by Night Ranger. Hands. Down. JAM.

 INSTAGRAM USER: What is happening? 

Marina: Guuuuuuurl, you askin the WRONG person. Just keep hangin on!

Brit: What isn’t happening?

INSTAGRAM USER: Which musicians (not bands) are most influential to you three? 

Rosie: I could list The Beatles individually, but I’ll say Beck, Joni Mitchell, Max Roach, and Dave Grohl.

Marina: I think a few would be Shirley Manson, Emily Haines, Janet Jackson, Susan Janet Ballion, David Bowie, Annie Erin Clark, Rihanna, and Chrissy Hind.

Brit: All those mentioned above. I’d also like to add Tina Weymouth, Kathleen Hanna, Stevie Nicks, Missy Elliott, Nancy and Ann Wilson, and Trent Reznor.

INSTAGRAM USER: Please name your all-time favorite band?

Rosie: The Beatles

Marina: My all-time favorite band of all time that has zero relation to any of my tastes in any way is Radical Face.

Brit: I go back and forth depending on what I’m into at the time, but I’ve always loved me some Tears for Fears.

INSTAGRAM USER: What is your favorite vegetable?

Marina: Brussels sprouts!

Brit: Hmmm, kale and Brussels sprouts are pretty great. Which is strange because when I was a kid, Brussels sprouts made me yack.

Rosie: Brussels sprouts! Haha and butternut squash.  I’m more of a “what vegetables don’t you like?” kind of girl. Fennel is gross.

Marina: Fennel is gross.

Brit: Fennel is gross.

INSTAGRAM USER: Will you be touring soon? 

Brit: YES! We will be heading down south supporting The Joy Formidable in March! Our tour dates are listed below.

INSTAGRAM USER: What is your favorite album from last year?  

Brit: I’ve been listening to the Ariana Grande Sweetener record a ton. Love the songwriting and production, and Ariana’s voice is just insane.

Rosie: COLORS! (Beck)

Marina: Technically late 2017, but Masseduction by St. Vincent

INSTAGRAM USER: What resources do you wish were more developed in the industry for artists? 

Rosie: That’s a really tough question. There are so many resources for artists now that it’s a little overwhelming. I wish there was a resource to help artists sort through the resources haha. It would be interesting to have better A&R resources as opposed to artists having to be fully formed before labels, etc will get involved.

Marina: We’ve discussed how we wish there were better networks/platforms that connected artists to other artists to share their own resources and experiences with different professionals/venues/companies. There are things we’ve learned from experience as a band that I could imagine being helpful to other bands, and we would love to hear about other bands experiences, as well, to potentially help us make better decisions.

Brit: I wish there were a way for social media platforms to help support the artists and creators more rather than the other way around.  It seems like no matter how many fans one may have, all the support ends up going back to the social media platform rather than the actual creator.  I have a feeling that will change in the near future, but we just need to find a way to get to that point.

INSTAGRAM USER: Why do you play so many shows at Pianos? 

Rosie: We’ve known Steven for a long time and he’s great.

Brit: It’s a great spot to play if you want to play in Manhattan because it’s one of the few good-vibe venues still doing its thing and going strong!

INSTAGRAM USER: Laurel or Yanny? 

Brit: Definitely Laurel. All those who hear Yanny are cray-cray.

INSTAGRAM USER: Should I go to The Rizzo’s “Prom” Saturday at The Gutter?

Rosie: The Rizzos, Powersnap, The Mad Doctors, and Marina and I DJing silly tunes? Duh! It’s gonna be a blast.

INSTAGRAM USER: When’s the new record droppin? 

Rosie: We can’t say just yet, but you’ll be the first to know.


Brit: It’s finished, we’re just currently working out how we want to release it, and all we can say to that is…. ASAP.

Well, there ya have it! An eclectic mix of interview questions from none other than all of you out there in Internet land.  Thanks to all those who participated and check out our upcoming tour dates below:

* = w/ The Joy Formidable 





MARCH 16 – SXSW – Female Frequency/Tom Tom Magazine/Soundgirls Showcase (NEW MYTHS DJ SET)

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