Sounds: Stray Fossa // Swells

I’ve worked really hard this week, and I’m exhausted. I had job interviews, a sick roommate, and multiple 11-hour shifts beginning at 7:00am. It’s enough to drive someone crazy. I’m probably crazy enough already.

That’s what makes me love Stray Fossa, though. They make that good good shoegaze that reminds me that there are lots of tired artists out there struggling. Struggling to pay the rent, to write, to sleep, to sing, we’re all doing our best even if we feel a little isolated sometimes.

“Swells” is an entirely DIY track Stray Fossa recorded in their living room. I can hear all that endearing hustle through exhaustion with every note. A sweet reminder that all us artists are in it together, creating what we love. Sometimes we have too much work to do, sometimes too little, we just need to remember that there are lots of us out there going through the same stuff. “These swells come and go.”

Hear it below:


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