Sounds x Dog Trainer // Only Be U

Indie-pop two piece Dog Trainer, natives of New York, have released a new video for their song “Only Be U.” The video is a pint-sized dramatization of the DIY indie dream, or pipe-dream, as it were; it’s a parody of the vain ideations of indie music’s mediocre hopeful.

In the video, the members of Dog Trainer go from writing a song to playing empty gigs and to fucking up park-side wedding proposals. The clever juxtaposition of the Napoleon Dynamite-esque depressed visual tone against the inspired, brisk pop track is a nice testament to Dog Trainer’s talents. Its warm, catchy vocals playing against the subtle drum machine create a catatonic atmosphere that takes you away. The video itself, by filmmaker Patrick Elmore, is visually crisp and stunning with every shot more pungent and inspired than the last.

Watch here:

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