Seen x Events: Hand2Mouth Non-Profit Theatre // Dream|Logic ft. Sarah Marguier

I love when I find events that are beautiful, culturally impactful, and for a good cause. With all the negativity hitting us every time we turn on the TV, scroll through Facebook, or even just walk through a store and hear conversations, it’s a bit of a relief to see or hear about something that’s just genuinely good. 

“Prepare to be transported into a world parallel to our own, the world of Dream|Logic. A world of strange creatures and machines where the rules of our own reality don’t apply, where the same door can take you to infinite places, this is the world of Dream|Logic.”

Hand2Mouth Non-Profit Theatre’s new theatre piece, Dream|Logic is one of those things. A fully immersive theatre piece for youth and families, Dream|Logic will “transport audiences on a journey inspired by the most influential fantasy and sci-fi books and films from the ensemble’s own childhoods.”

With a script created from interviewed with Portland-area public school students enrolled in H2M’s education program, Student Voices, Dream|Logic crafts a hybrid tale bridging the gap between the childhood experiences of different generations.

Between February 23rd and March 11th, audiences can witness French visual artist and designer Sarah Marguier‘s work at Hand2Mouth Theatre as she collaborates with artists, performers, and designers to create visual stories through costume, set, props, and visual designs.

Click here for more information on Hand2Mouth Theatre and their no-cost theatre training program, Student Voices. 

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