Sounds: Sharkmuffin // Serpentina

So, if you guys didn’t know, we all LOVE Brooklyn’s glam-grunge trio Sharkmuffin over here at Left Bank, and after they took over On The Road, we adore them even more. When we heard they’d just released a new song, we were all over it, and I just had to write about it, because it’s a radical banger.

“Serpentina” rocks hard, coming in with a wailing guitar, pounding drums, and reverb-soaked vocals. The first single off of their upcoming EP, Gamma Gardening (yup, you read that correctly: they’ve got an EP coming!), it’s reckless and psychedelic, and exactly the kind of head-banger I want to listen to on a Monday.

“Gamma Gardening is our sci-fi rock opera about a space dominatrix named Serpentina that takes a job as receptionist, has an affair with a genetic engineer scientist who she codes a designer baby with that can withstand crazy atmospheric pressure, breathe underwater and never age, but The Atomic Gardening Society finds out, and steals their baby for testing, and Serpentina ultimately hangs herself with a belt,” Sharkmuffin says of the upcoming album.

Get acquainted with “Serpentina” here, and thank us for it later:

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