Sounds: DNMO & Sub Urban // Sick of You

Teenage wunderkind DNMO’s latest track “Sick of You” is a detoxing track, wringing the drops of poison from his mind and laying the foundation for this banger. The production is layered and varied, at times just minimal enough to feel supportive, and, at others, layered like a cake. Every second is delicious and extremely well polished.

DNMO has a more mainstream sound but not sickeningly so. The kid is young and has the potential for mainstream EDM superstardom; on his last tour of the US, he became the youngest DJ to ever play at the legendary Red Rocks Amphitheater.

“Sick of You” tells the tale of leaving a toxic relationship and the difficulties inherent in the split, especially when you still love the person. It is a high energy track and DNMO ‘s voice rides the line between smoked and boy band. The track was co-produced by Sub Urban and released on Zed’s Dead’s label Deadbeats.

Stream it below:

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