Sounds x Premiere: TAMSYN // Forever Is Now

When I sat down to write this premiere this morning and pressed play on TAMSYN‘s “Forever Is Now,” I couldn’t help but think about how it was the perfect song to kick off the THIRD sunny day in a row.

Bright and uplifting, the Manchester indie rock quintet’s latest release brings more than driving guitars, soaring vocals, and an upbeat rhythm section. “Forever is now,” lead singer Alexander Anton sings, reminding me of something I thought about shortly after the dog woke me up about an hour earlier than usual today: this moment is all we’ve got. All the planning and praying and hoping and worrying in the world won’t change a thing, so we might as well enjoy it while we can.

Stream “Forever Is Now” and enjoy (at least) three minutes and twenty-two seconds of uninterrupted joy, aka the best cure to the winter blues.

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