Sounds: Thad Kopec // First Light Landing

Nashville-based Thad Kopec‘s ability to use music as a vehicle for motion is unparalleled. “First Light Landing,” his latest single, ebbs and flows from an intricate, rhythmic intro to hushed indie-folk romance to a futuristic, synth-infused bridge, yet – somehow – they blend effortlessly.

Self-described as a person of transience, Kopec is “someone who imagines that by moving freely through the layers of his life, he can become more aware of the present reality.”

“First Light Landing” is free movement to me, yet, at the same time, it seems rooted in the simple presence. “First light landing on your hand / We didn’t close the window last night,” he sings in hushed tones, painting an ordinary picture in soft morning light. It’s delicate and graceful, like sunbeams slipping through the window and dancing across the skin of the person we love.

Stream “First Light Landing” here:

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