Sounds x Review: Weeknight // Dead Beat Creep

Brooklyn’s favorite dark synth-pop noir quartet, Weeknight, is back and better than ever with their brand new record, Dead Beat Creep. Obviously we’re huge fans of the group here at Left Bank (especially since their On The Road takeover), but I’ll be honest: Dead Beat Creep was totally beyond my expectations.

From the first track, “Settle Down,” the record winds through mountains and valleys, drenched in shadow and reverb-soaked guitar. At times, it hits hard, drums pounding and synth wailing, then dips down, haunting and measured. It launches to new heights with “Falling In Line,” the final, desperate attack before the album’s epic closer, “Imaginary Light.”

What Weeknight does so well is embrace the tension: in the vocals, the music, the lyricism. The record pulses with it, an inescapable, restless energy barely contained within the ten tracks.

Get a jump on the week and stream Dead Beat Creep here:

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