Sounds: Mogli // Another Life

Berlin’s DIY ambassador, Mogli, is more than just another singer-songwriter. The musician, filmmaker, clothing designer, and actress’s skill across different mediums is paralleled only by the delicate intensity of her delivery in “Another Life,” her latest single.

“I can’t seem to keep them in

I was happy, I was happy ’til the morning

But you love her, and I love him

And this was never, this wasn ever happening.” 

Every word and phrase winding through the song is precise and powerful; as she sings “In another life, this could’ve been, but this was never, this was never happening,” I feel it like a jolt to the heart. She has loved and lost, and the tension between the two pulsates from the first delicate piano riffs to the final echoing vocals.

Watch the video for “Another Life” here, and keep an eye out for her upcoming EP, Patience, on March 22nd:

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