Sounds: Milena // I Won’t Give Up

Milena’s latest music video for “I Won’t Give Up” is out, pairing beautiful visuals with ear-pleasing melodies. The Montenegrin-born, London-based artist has fused her London-inspired experiences of electro-pop with her childhood roots of rich Montenegro sound.

The track opens up to a blend of traditional Eastern-inspired instrumentation, vibrating in unison with more modern electro beats. Milena’s voice breathes throughout the track with a pleasant gentleness akin to feeling fresh subtle airflow of the natural outdoors. In relation to this, there is an overarching impression of positivity emitting from this track, firstly from the music itself, which has a constant buildup to an eventual melodious display of blended sounds bringing in pipes, strings, poppy ethereal beats, all to a pleasing 7/8 rhythm, and, secondly, the lyrics from which Milena speaks a bittersweet tale, resolved with musings of powerful motivation.

“It’s not like I was asleep all this time
But I woke up suddenly
Realizing you’re not here
You left something esoteric.”

Most importantly, this is all polished up in a stunning music video, taking us to beautiful scenes of Milena’s home country of Montenegro.

Feel in the need for a flash of inspiration, a spirit raiser, a virtual passage to a beautiful Montenegro? This one’s for you:

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