Sounds: Sam Levin // Bookmark

Start your weekend with some gorgeous acoustic tunes from singer-songwriter Sam Levin. This single “Bookmark” from his third album A General Air of Regret is playful and fresh, with also an air of depth for a 17 year old. Yep, that’s right.

Rather than writing songs about himself and the details of his life and relationships, or a free flow of thoughts and abstract images, Sam is looking for an elusive middle ground of ambiguity, where songs aren’t about feelings, they are feelings.

The suburban New York-based singer-songwriter puts his feelings out there with the soulful, hypnotic, and slightly chaotic track “Bookmark.” It’s acoustic with a tad bit of pop and experimental — creating a fusion of sound that showcases his guitar work while also bringing in other ideas.

To me, ‘Bookmark’ embodies the feeling of being somewhere new, but where you’re not alone – so it’s not a scary new, it’s just new. Like the experience of looking at art or trying a food for the first time.”

Listen to the tune below x