Sounds: Leo D’Oro // Ti Voglio Tanto Bene

Leo D’Oro’s beautiful voice is on display with “Ti Voglio Tanto Bene,” as part of his recent album Some Italian Evening, a collection of Italian songs no doubt providing an apt soundtrack to swaying days of carefree meandering.

With a title translated to “I love you so much,” this piece is a fitting song for your romancing nights of black coffee and loving musings. We’re struck right away with a grand opener of violins building up to a flowering boom of rich romantic melody, so eloquently arranged from Ernesto De Curtis’s composition. Leo D’Oro’s voice is a smooth velvet, lavishing upon elegant strings in a deep blue baritone.

Stop what you’re doing, give yourself four minutes, play this track, and let your inner romantic blissfully carry you into loving ardour.

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