Sounds: AVA AKIRA // mybaby

London-based emo-trap artist Ava Akira has recently been the soundtrack to my nights of y2k indulgences, where I listlessly scroll through sparse Tumblr tags of Digimon: Revenge of Diaboromon images with a hacked PSP Go in hand. Her latest track. “mybaby,” produced by Johanthefirst follows with her emotional cloudrap style, gazed through a CAD sheet of translucency.

The track begins with a spaced-out twinkle, dancing in and out of a deep ear-soothing beat. Floating on a raincloud above the track’s trap beat cityscape is Ava Akira’s vocals, hazy and dreamlike, all cumulating in a perfect night time tune of narcotics and sad face emotions.

“Met you on a journey to the moon, got my head spinning like a typhoon”

If you ever need a neon lining to a sprawling city night, or wired up to an evening of net surfing, this track is for you.

Give it a listen down below:

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