Sounds: Quivers // You’re Not Always On My Mind

Melbourne’s Quivers shoot a maudlin arrow through a listener’s heart with their nostalgic new single, “You’re Not Always On My Mind.” An ode to rumination and loss of a loved one, the bassline is the low consistent whisper of a name that never exits the halls of the memory. The background vocals wailing the denial, “You’re Not On My Mind,” are repeated clips of a blessed time that can never be grasped again. The guitar blooms and blossoms, the pick sprouting rows of flowers which line memory lane. Quivers evokes old school REM and U2, yet conjures and explores a vast soundscape which is all their own. Quivers were named one of NPR’s emerging artists of 2018.

Quivers was founded by Sam Nicholson in the wake of his brother’s tragic death in a free diving accident. He took his brother’s spirit and wrote the album We’ll Go Riding On The Hearses. This knowledge gives “You’re Not Always On My Mind” a melancholy depth. This is not merely some song about a breakup.

“You’re Not Always On Mind

Just Mostly All The Time”


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