Sounds: DAODA // Swimming

9 out of 10 psychotherapists would recommend a daily dose of DAODA to relieve your seasonal depression, but the pharmaceutical lobby has worked themselves to the bone to keep songs like “Swimming” out of your ears. Luckily for you, Left Bank is here with that brand new underground cure.

Dissolve into syrupy saccharine synthesizers, the otherworldly candy that is DAODA’s “Swimming”. Warning: DAODA slows the passage of time to a snails crawl and chills an overworked, overstimulated nervous system. Side effects include euphoria, a renewed zest for life, a swelling of sense of self-esteem, and random smiles. DAODA is safe for pregnant women and may be useful for couples attempting to conceive. Do not use “swimming” if you are trying to maintain a pessimistic attitude.

Try the free sample of “swimming” below, and check with your doctor to see if DAODA is right for you.

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