Sounds x Premiere: Vicious Blossom // Shine

It’s not every day that we get such an emotive track from a band based out of what they describe as “flyover country.” Lancaster, PA-based dream pop quintet Vicious Blossom channel the struggle of a forgotten town destroyed by economic drought and people leaving, while also weaving the weighty story of lead singer Nate’s recovery from heroin addiction.

Their newest single, “Shine,” is driving and heavy at the same time, soft vocals drenched in echo over pounding drums and distorted guitars. It’s ambient, but there’s a sonic attack that’s impossible to overlook as they honor a life lost to suicide.

“”Shine” is about a close friend of mine who took her life,” Nate says of the song. “I spoke to her about 8 a week prior to her death and that conversation was the first time we spoke in months. She was one of the most caring and compassionate souls that I have ever met and the times we spent together are some of the most cherished moments in my life.”

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