Sounds: Stillhound // A Walk In The Park

Scotland’s Stillhound has a tender howl on their gentle indie jam “A Walk In The Park.” The song is subtle, with a Deadmau5-style buildup murmuring in the background crouching behind keyboards and vocals. The vocals are the cries of far-off birds of prey circling above their kill. At it’s most intense, “A Walk In The Park” is the kind of music you’d sway to eyes closed; it’s distant water in the desert. The song is about loss and recovery, specifically in the context of a relationship.

The accompanying music video is far more unsettling than the song, featuring the band performing in death masks and smashing them with hammers and pitchforks. This symbolizes death and rebirth, the shedding of one’s former self and growing into the next stage of life. There are nods to the OK Go music videos of yesteryear, but “A Walk In The Park” is an original production far above a simple homage.

Check it out for yourself.

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