Sounds x Premiere: Tribe Friday // Badger

Do you remember the summer of 2008? I do. I had just started really becoming a person. I may have been a little teenage shithead, but a person none the less. I spent the nights of that summer with my two best friends: sneaking out of my house, finding any way that we could to get alcohol, running wild through the streets of our neighborhood. I felt desperately alive for the first time. Vampire Weekend’s self-titled album was the soundtrack to that summer, and I’ll forever associate with that feeling of being free.

That’s why I was happily surprised listening to Tribe Friday‘s latest track, “Badger.” Like that album of my youth, it captured that very particular feeling It is all the great markings of the indie-pop I knew and loved growing up. It’s joyful and anxious. Quick guitar rhythms and lightly distorted vocals float you through the track with the feeling of urgency. It’s the sound of being young, when you have no time, yet all the time in the world.

Cheers, Tribe Friday. You make my heart beat faster and long for a time when I was running amok. I’ll listen to your tracks as I sit back and let the warm weather set in. I’ll sit in the park, beer in hand, and reminisce about being a kid. Then, I’ll let the electricity of “Badger” carry me through another restless night.

Hear it below:


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